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Click on REGISTER button at the bottom of the page to submit your request for participation in the virtual mentoring program.

The virtual mentoring program is intended to provide the hand-holding required by entrepreneurs and business leaders in start-ups and MSMEs, to scale their business profitably and grow their business exponentially.

We have experience of mentoring business leaders, promoters, entrepreneurs, proprietors and start-up founders across industries.

We believe in going beyond consulting and advisory to mentoring all the way through execution to ensure the planned growth actually happens.

Our virtual mentoring program allows entrepreneurs and business leaders to  benefit from our expertise irrespective of their location and at fees that are much lower than our regular in-person mentoring services. 

Mentoring is customized to accommodate the unique situation of your business. 

Mentoring will be provided in Marathi, Hindi and English languages to entrepreneurs and business leaders across India, based on the choice indicated during registration.

Our 12-step mentoring program covers the following, with the objective of providing step-by-step support to help your business achieve exponential growth:

1. Diagnostic Study:

A diagnostic study of your business based on a detailed information checklist and interviews with key stake-holders of your business. 

2. Offerings Articulation:

Documenting your portfolio of offerings from an inside-out and outside-in perspective. 

3. Opportunities Grid Exercise: 

An exercise to identify untapped opportunities among your existing clientele to maximize the relationship potential with your existing clientele. 

4. Goal Setting:

Clear articulation of 1-3-5 year goals for your business on various parameters like revenue, profitability, number of customers, etc. Market analysis as necessary while setting goals.

5. Sweet Spot Analysis:

Customer portfolio analysis to identify your sweet-spot customer segments. If you are a start-up without any customers or with a small number of customers, a broader customer segment analysis will be performed. 

6. Value Grid Exercise:

Analysis of the value created by each of your offerings for each of the identified target customer segments. 

7. Tagline Workshop:

A brainstorming session with key stakeholders of your business to arrive at an impactful tagline for your business and also for each of your offerings. 

8. Marketing Assets Review & Update:

A review of your existing collaterals like brochures, presentations, videos, website content, case study documents, leaflets, packaging designs, social media channel content, and other promotional materials. 

9. Touch Point Analysis & Excuses Calendar Creation:

An analysis of the various touchpoints of your business with your clients and prospects, current status of the quality of these touch points and creation of an "Excuses Calendar" to leverage these touch points effectively through out the year.

10. Campaign Calendar:

An annual calendar for a combination of go-to-market campaigns including offline and digital marketing activities to drive visibility and lead generation from the target customer segments as well as for "account based marketing" to identify opportunities from existing clientele. 

11. Lead Management Process:

Establish a clear lead management process to ensure capture of leads, lead scoring, nurturing and handover to sales team for closure. Follow-up with sales team post-handover. 

12. Execution Tracking:

A 30-60-90 day rolling tracker will be created to ensure the activities planned are executed punctually to actually achieve the planned EXPONENTIAL GROWTH

We also offer our help in ...

Evaluating candidates for recruitment in the marketing function as and when the scale of the activity merits in-house resources. 

Selecting the right marketing technology solutions like CRM (customer relationship management) software, website visitor tracking software for lead generation, etc. 


We expect the first 11 steps to be covered in 2-3 months depending on the pace of progress of stake-holders in your organization. 

Execution management and tracking is an ongoing process thereafter. 

The mentoring program is designed to help you achieve EXPONENTIAL business growth within 1-3-5 year timeframe. 

The agreement is signed on an annual basis and both parties have the option of exiting from the engagement with one calendar month of notice to the other, during the engagement. Mentoring fees shall be payable ONLY till the month of termination of engagement. 

Complimentary First Consulation Meeting:

On filling up the registration form, you are entitled for a FREE first consultation meeting (virtual meeting) to discuss the nature of your business, your aspirations and other information to work out a broad approach to achieve exponential growth for your business. 

Mentoring Fees: 

Mentoring fees are communicated after the complimentary first consultation meeting, depending on the scope of work and goals targeted.

Mentoring fees are payable by the 5th day of every month, for that month. 

For the first month, mentoring fees are to be paid only on receiving an email with confirmation of enrolment in the program, with the proforma invoice for the first month. 


Registration does not automatically guarantee acceptance into the program as acceptance for the program will be subject to approval by BMM LLP management based on a virtual interview and submission of the requested documentation. 


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