• Shivam Vitthal Parab. (MSc-Economics)

Is French President Emmanuel Macron’s victory beneficial for India?

Author: Shivam Vitthal Parab (MSc-Economics)

Leaders worldwide congratulated Macron on their social media on his victory in the French elections, including Narendra Modi the Indian Prime Minister, who expressed his interests to strengthen the ties between France and India. PM Modi congratulated Emmanuel Macron on being re-elected as the French President on his Twitter. He further also mentioned strengthening the India-French Strategic Partnership.

Macron's re-election would strengthen India’s existing strong connections with France, since the French President is already a close friend of India.

Not only is Macron’s win good news for India, but so is his rival Marine Le Pen’s defeat. Marine Le Pen is a far-right political leader with strong nationalist ideals, which lead many people to criticise her opinions on immigration. She believes herself an ardent nationalist, although many in the country consider her beliefs to be radical. Le Pen is also anti-EU and has a strained relationship with the European Union. She also shares cordial links with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has faced criticism from the international community as a result of the Ukrainian conflict. If she had won the French elections, France’s relations with other nations including India would have been hampered.

Macron’s victory in the French elections is excellent news for India, since he is anticipated to retain the existing degree of friendliness between the two countries. It is also expected that under his leadership, the trade relationship would be further increased.


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